The Peak – dissemination of best perspectives that promote youth employment project 2011-2014

This publication introduces the Peak tool, which is intended for transferring innovations and best practices and which is based on the detailed planning and management of the different stages of the transfer process. These tools and operating models are suitable for use in both national and international cooperation.

The transfer process, which will be described in more detail later in this publication, comprises the following stages: survey, testing, adoption.

In the survey stage, it is important to determine your own needs for development, in addition to the possible solutions and their suitability for your own organisation’s operations, and to plan the transfer process. The operating models that are considered the most interesting in the testing stage will be piloted and their effectiveness evaluated. The models that are found to be successful are progressed to the adoption stage, in which the practices will be productised, planted in your own organisation and disseminated so that other actors can use them.

Evaluation is a key part of this process. Evaluation will be a particular point of focus between each stage (Which practices will be moved from the identification stage to the testing stage? Were the pilots so successful that they can be moved to the adoption stage after the testing stage? etc.), but in addition to this, evaluations must be carried out continuously throughout the process. In addition to evaluation, other continuous themes are engagement, planting and dissemination.

Reference: Mäkelä, Matti & Kilpinen, Jaana (2014). The Peak – dissemination of best perspectives that promote youth employment project 2011-2014.

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